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Newspaper columns by Dave Moore, weekly columnist for the Norman Transcript since 2005.

Do we take Internet crime seriously?

In light of the recent announcement that mega-data broker Equifax will not endure any meaningful punishment for endangering half of the U.S. population last year, I am posting this column I first wrote in 2014 (updated 2016) about The Great Target Hack and The Great...

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Internet safety education: do we care?

There is an area of corporate responsibility that is largely neglected, but represents one of the most pressing issues in society today: the need to teach the underserved public-at-large how to be safe on the Internet. This neglect exists in spite of the Internet's...

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FBI: Router hack worse than thought

You may recall my column of a few weeks ago titled, "FBI says 'reboot your router,'" which outlined the FBI's warning that Russian government hackers had infected over 500,000 home and small business routers, allowing them to steal website logins and passwords, and...

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Dave’s Three Immutable Laws of Hacking

I am using this week’s column as an opportunity to announce three “laws” that are so obvious to me I’m surprised nobody has announced them before. If they have been announced before, I can’t find them. Therefore, here I go. Behold, the worldwide introduction of Dave’s...

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FBI says “reboot your router”

The FBI has issued a threat alert regarding over 500,000 infected home and small business routers, and offers a simple way to begin fixing the problem: reboot your network router. The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation, on May 25, 2018, by way of the Internet Crime...

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Got a call from “The Microsoft Windows Technical Department,” telling you they have discovered problems with your computer? Better watch out, or you could get RIPPED OFF! Fox 25 News, Oklahoma City.

For folks whose computers, cell phones and cameras were smashed by the storms in Oklahoma, maybe their irreplaceable family photos and personal files can be saved! Fox 25 News, Oklahoma City.

Beware of wifi hotspots setup by scammers trying to rip you off! This story touches on the basics of what is a complex issue. Fox 25 News, Oklahoma City.