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Newspaper columns by Dave Moore, weekly columnist for the Norman Transcript since 2005.

Backing up home and small business computers

by Dave Moore, 2-10-19 Would you put a firecracker in your hand, light the fuse and then simply watch the fuse burn down until the firecracker exploded in your hand? You know the firecracker is going to explode and hurt your hand. Why would you not do something to...

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Why is my (Netflix, Amazon, whatever) stuff so slow?

by Dave Moore, 2-3-19 The number one computer-user complaint (keeping in mind that the word "computer" includes phones, tablets and TVs) is things seem to take too long to start. You click/tap, and then you wait; and wait; and wait. There it goes again, the little...

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Protecting small business computer systems

by Dave Moore, 1-27-19 Do you own a small business? If so, you are a favorite target of the Internet bad guys. Have you and your employees been trained in how to protect your computer systems from Internet criminals? The basics of protecting small business computers...

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How to talk to technical support

by Dave Moore, 1-20-19 Outside of a complete computer meltdown, there's probably only one thing computers owners fear more: calling technical support. Known to make the toughest of hombres break out in a cold sweat, and causing Mafia hit men to run screaming, being...

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Who pays when your bank account is hacked?

by Dave Moore, 1-13-19 Have you ever actually read the agreement you have with your bank, or did you simply "sign on the line," ignoring the pesky details about who's required to do what? After all, who can understand all that ridiculous legalese, anyway? Who's got...

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Got a call from “The Microsoft Windows Technical Department,” telling you they have discovered problems with your computer? Better watch out, or you could get RIPPED OFF! Fox 25 News, Oklahoma City.

For folks whose computers, cell phones and cameras were smashed by the storms in Oklahoma, maybe their irreplaceable family photos and personal files can be saved! Fox 25 News, Oklahoma City.

Beware of wifi hotspots setup by scammers trying to rip you off! This story touches on the basics of what is a complex issue. Fox 25 News, Oklahoma City.