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Newspaper columns by Dave Moore, weekly columnist for the Norman Transcript since 2005.

A personal information apocalypse

The more I study the subjects of computer networks, the Internet, and the collection and dissemination of sensitive personal information by governments and businesses, the more I am convinced I am not being overly-dramatic by using the word "apocalypse" to describe...

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Happy safe holiday Internet shopping

Every year about this time I have to reassess the Internet Christmas shopping situation. Billions of dollars in electronic form are flying down wires, bouncing to and from orbiting satellites, through the air and across the Internet, more this time of year than any...

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Old online wolves in new sheeps clothing

With the holiday season bearing down on us, Internet scammers and spammers are ramping up their efforts to more effectively trick us out of our money. Some of my customers are already reporting an increase in deceptive emails that seem to be targeted directly at them....

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Don’t forget to back up your phone

Smart phones, iPhones, Windows phones, Blackberry phones, cell phones, Android phones, it seems that everyone has some sort of a mobile phone. No longer just a "phone," though, your cell phone is actually a computer; most likely, a more powerful computer than some...

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How I murdered my hard drive

In my free, one-night-only class called "Fight the Internet Bad Guys & Win," I will show you how to play with the fire that is the Internet and not get burned. We also discuss how to completely erase files from a computer so they can never be seen again. Come to the...

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Got a call from “The Microsoft Windows Technical Department,” telling you they have discovered problems with your computer? Better watch out, or you could get RIPPED OFF! Fox 25 News, Oklahoma City. January 5, 2013.
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