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Newspaper columns by Dave Moore, weekly columnist for the Norman Transcript since 2005.

The Spectre of a major Meltdown

"Spectre" and "Meltdown" may become household words in the months to come as news stories covering the latest computer security bugs start making the rounds. Wednesday, January 3, researchers revealed two huge flaws in the microprocessors that have powered nearly all...

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Beware the “we need to fix your computer” phone call

If someone called you on the phone, said they were from the "Windows Technical Department" and claimed they needed to remotely repair your computer because it had been hacked, would you believe them? I hope not, because it's a scam. Someone contacts me at least once a...

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How fast is “high-speed” Internet? Test it yourself

With all the high-sounding talk they throw around, you would think Internet Service Providers (ISPs) were ruthless politicians on the campaign trail. One fellow I know, complaining that websites seemed slow to load, didn't think much of my suggestion that he was...

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Here comes Santa spam

“You may be eligible to receive some of the education stimulus bill!” “Did you suffer a Gallbladder injury while using Birth Control?” “We want to buy your home for Christmas! Sell Your Home Today!” “Make $10000 for Christmas!” “Bounci36D sent you a Holiday picture!”...

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Crooks give spam email a holiday-season makeover

With the holiday season bearing down on us, Internet scammers and spammers are ramping up their efforts to more effectively trick us out of our money. Some of my customers are already reporting an increase in deceptive emails that seem to be targeted directly at them....

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Got a call from “The Microsoft Windows Technical Department,” telling you they have discovered problems with your computer? Better watch out, or you could get RIPPED OFF! Fox 25 News, Oklahoma City. January 5, 2013.
For folks whose computers, cell phones and cameras were smashed by the storms in Oklahoma, maybe their irreplaceable family photos and personal files can be saved! Fox 25 News, Oklahoma City. May 23, 2013.
Beware of wifi hotspots setup by scammers trying to rip you off! This story touches on the basics of what is a complex issue. Fox 25 News, Oklahoma City. February 10, 2014.