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Newspaper columns by Dave Moore, weekly columnist for the Norman Transcript since 2005.

Backing up home and small business computers

by Dave Moore, 2-10-19 Would you put a firecracker in your hand, light the fuse and then simply watch the fuse burn down until the firecracker exploded in your hand? You know the firecracker is going to explode and hurt your hand. Why would you not do something to...

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Why is my (Netflix, Amazon, whatever) stuff so slow?

by Dave Moore, 2-3-19 The number one computer-user complaint (keeping in mind that the word "computer" includes phones, tablets and TVs) is things seem to take too long to start. You click/tap, and then you wait; and wait; and wait. There it goes again, the little...

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Protecting small business computer systems

by Dave Moore, 1-27-19 Do you own a small business? If so, you are a favorite target of the Internet bad guys. Have you and your employees been trained in how to protect your computer systems from Internet criminals? The basics of protecting small business computers...

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How to talk to technical support

by Dave Moore, 1-20-19 Outside of a complete computer meltdown, there's probably only one thing computers owners fear more: calling technical support. Known to make the toughest of hombres break out in a cold sweat, and causing Mafia hit men to run screaming, being...

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Who pays when your bank account is hacked?

by Dave Moore, 1-13-19 Have you ever actually read the agreement you have with your bank, or did you simply "sign on the line," ignoring the pesky details about who's required to do what? After all, who can understand all that ridiculous legalese, anyway? Who's got...

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davenewpic1 I was born an Army brat in 1954, with my family living in Kansas, Texas, Arkansas and New Mexico before landing in Norman, Oklahoma. As a kid, I had many interests, including reading, writing, amateur sleuthing, microbiology, archeology, electronics and music. If I wasn’t looking at pond water through a microscope or developing my musical abilities, I was probably tearing apart an old radio to convert it into a burglar alarm with fifty speakers.

As a lifelong electronics hobbyist, my career with computers began in 1984, when I borrowed $1,200 to buy a complete Commodore 64 system. One of my first computer modifications was to disassemble and drill a hole through the case of the C-64, adding an on/off switch for the expansion port. I then added a homebrew computer clock synchronization port to my Emu Systems Drumulator drum machine (an early digital drum computer) by tapping into the clock circuit, so that I could synchronize the Drumulator, the Commodore 64 and the first Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) keyboard sold in Norman, the mighty (and, extinct) Prophet 600 synthesizer by Sequential Circuits. Those were the early days of popular electronic music.

It’s OK if you don’t know what all of those things mean – the important thing to know is that geeky electronics and computer activities such as these have brought me over the years to my current situation. My career in computers and IT has continued and grown since the Commodore days, and I have been providing consulting, security, networking and repair services since 1984.

In 2003 I invented and hosted the Defcon WiFi Shootout Contest, a contest to see who could achieve the longest WiFi wireless networking connection. I ran the contest for three years at the annual Defcon computer security conference in Las Vegas (www.defcon.org), and the contest and its World Record holders are listed on page 112 of the 2006 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records.

In 2005 began writing my popular weekly computer/Internet newspaper column, “Computer Sense,” for The Norman Transcript. The column has become the longest-running column in the newspaper’s history.

In 2008 I began teaching my Internet safety class, “Fight The Internet Bad Guys & Win!” to overwhelmingly enthusiastic audiences. The class has grown in popularity and scope, and, with the founding of the Internet Safety Group, is poised for nationwide exposure in the fall of 2018.

I am a Certified Advanced Security Practitioner, and Security+ and Network+ certified by the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA). I love my job! I love taking the crazy, flawed computer/Internet-dominated world we live in and turning it into something people can actually enjoy, use, and benefit from.

I have a LinkedIn profile here; you may also visit the Dave Moore Computers website for more information.