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I write a weekly column titled 'COMPUTER SENSE' that appears in the Business section of the Sunday Norman Transcript newspaper. I hope you find it to be helpful, informative and entertaining. Please email your opinions about the column to Norman Transcript editor Caleb Slinkard at, or Norman Transcript publisher Mark Millsap at They need your ideas and feedback. Be sure to include your name and location in your email.

The titles of the articles as printed are chosen by the Business section editor. The original title is also included.


Bad Guys Leading Sheep To Slaughter, 6-12-05
More About Bad Guys Set To Fleece The Sheep, 6-19-05
Scammers Darken Door To Cyberspace, 6-26-05
Lock The Door On The Bad Guys, 7-3-05
Type Password Here, 7-10-05
Downloads Hazardous To Computer Health, 7-17-05
This Spam Can Lose You More Than Lunch, 7-24-05
Hackers, Crackers And Feds, 7-31-05
Wifi May Be All The Rage - Being Wired Is Better, 8-7-05
Need To Know More? Educate Thyself, 8-14-05
Should You Buy A New Computer? 8-21-05
Those In The Know Will Watch Out For Sept. 13, 8-28-05
Designing Small Office Network Security, 9-4-05
Small Office Network Security, Part 2, 9-11-05
Small Office Network Security, Part 3, 9-18-05
Small Office Network Security, Part 4, 9-25-05
Small Office Network Security, Part 5, 10-2-05
When Your Good Computer Goes Bad, 10-9-05
Computer Forensics 101, 10-16-05
Who's The Best Internet Service Provider? Part One, 10-23-05
Who's The Best Internet Service Provider? Part Two, 10-30-05
Computers: Can't Live Without Them? 11-6-05
Web Services Still A Hard Sell, 11-13-05
Get What You Pay For - And Deserve, 11-20-05
Computer Security Holiday Worth Observing, 11-27-05
Sony Lays A Rotten Egg In Music Lovers' Nest, 12-4-05
Safe Internet Shopping For The Holidays, 12-11-05
Is Big Brother Watching Your Printer? 12-18-05
Do-it-yourself Websites Not For Everyone, 12-25-05

'Content Filtering' Is The Buzz-phrase Of The Day, 1-1-06
Laying Common Computer Myths To Rest, 1-8-06
The Myth Of The Eternal CD, 1-15-06
More Computer Myths Bite The Dust, 1-22-06
Have Fun With Safe eBay Auctions, 1-29-06
Will Apple Do Right With OS X? 2-5-06
OS, King Of The Programs, 2-12-06
Financial Enemies of the Internet, 2-19-06
Privacy Enemies of the Internet, 2-26-06
The Enemies of Internet Free Speech, 3-5-06
Defenders of the Internet, 3-12-06
Interpreting Windows Error Messages, 3-19-06
Are you breaking the law? 3-26-06
HIPAA compliance starts at home, 4-2-06
Internet consumers fight back, 4-9-06
State House bill legalizes spyware, 4-16-06
Is MySpace really your space? 4-23-06
How to spy on your kids, 4-30-06
Virus Alert!  Now what? 5-7-06
Say No to Email Snoops, 5-14-06
Elders of the Internet, Arise! 5-21-06
Internet vigilantes keep things interesting, 5-28-06
End of the road for Windows 98, ME, 6-4-06
When in doubt, reboot! 6-11-06
“Genuine Advantage” program hobbles legal users, 6-18-06
Private data loss recipe for disaster, 6-25-06
Cops hire crooks to steal your data, 7-2-06
When in doubt, read the manual, 7-9-06
Back it up before it breaks, 7-16-06
Thank you for the free Internet service! 7-23-06
Windows Explorer is your friend, 7-30-06
Tweak Windows for best performance, 8-6-06
More Windows performance tweaks, 8-13-06
What's Your Internet Profile? 8-20-06
When In Doubt, Scroogle and Tor! 8-27-06
Internet Profiles Bite Students, 9-10-06
Don't Neglect Microsoft Office Updates, 9-17-06
The Death of Dial-up Internet Service, 9-24-06
Insiders More Dangerous Than Hackers, 10-1-06
Flawed "Security" Tech Endangers Citizens, 10-8-06
Fun With Firefox Plugins, 10-15-06
Your Trial-version Computer Will Expire, 10-22-06
Two-factor authentication flawed, but a good move, 10-29-06
New Internet Explorer 7 seeks guinea pigs, 11-5-06
Why e-Voting Stinks, 11-12-06
Delete Your Files For Good, 11-19-06
Techno-thanks For The Good Things, 11-26-06
New Windows Vista Upgrade A Big Ho-hum, 12-17-06
Are You Obeying New E-records Rules? 12-24-06
Computer New Year's Resolutions, 12-31-06

What's Up with Web 2.0? 1-7-07
How To Backup Your Files, 1-14-07
How To Buy A New Computer, 1-21-07
House, Senate bills need support and tweaking, 1-28-07
Internet censorship increases, 2-4-07
New Windows Vista hacked already, 2-11-07
Daylight Savings Time gets a bug, 2-18-07
How Computer Malware Works, 2-25-07
Is My Computer Really "Clean?" 3-4-07
Windows Vista forces unwanted "upgrades," 3-11-07
Things every computer user should know, 3-25-07
Microsoft’s Bill Gates repents, offers to make amends, 4-1-07
More things that all computer users should know, 4-8-07
Even more things all computer users should know, 4-15-07
What happened to Google? 4-22-07
What's wrong with having a REAL ID? 4-29-07
Where have all the “missing” computers gone? 5-6-07
Phone companies, NSA continue illegal spying, 5-13-07
I agreed to what? Beware the EULA, 5-20-07
I agreed to what? Beware the EULA, part 2, 5-27-07
Google Earth, Google Maps make governments uncomfortable, 6-3-07
Internet scams abound, 6-10-07
Computers are not magic, 6-17-07
Discover the rest of the Internet in Newsgroups, 6-24-07
Fix the computer basics first, 7-1-07
Bluespamming latest way to be annoyed and go broke, 7-8-07
Geek Squad busted for stealing porn, 7-15-07
Data security situation remains sadly the same, 7-22-07
University promotes computer security hypocrisy, 7-29-07
How to pick a "computer guy," 8-5-07
Amateur locksmiths stump the experts, 8-19-07
Internet warriors locked in a desperate clash, 8-26-07
Most antispam tech still lame, 9-2-07
Insiders not needed for gas station rip-offs, 9-9-07
What's wrong with Instant Messaging? Part 1, 9-23-07
What's wrong with Instant Messaging? Part 2, 9-30-07
What's wrong with Instant Messaging? Part 3, 10-7-07
Internet Security Basics, Part One, 10-14-07
Internet Security Basics, Part Two, 10-21-07
Internet Security Basics, Part Three, 10-28-07
Internet Security Basics, Part Four, 11-4-07
Internet Security Basics, Part Five, 11-11-07
Internet Security Basics, Part Six, 11-18-07
Internet Security Basics, Part Seven, 11-25-07
Bad guys beat up election websites, 12-9-07
Laptop computers will be king, 12-16-07
Why computer geeks care about politics, 12-23-07
Privacy, schmivacy, 12-30-07

Big Brother loves cell phones, 1-6-08
What's the best Internet security software, 1-13-08
Online dating: fun, addictive, creepy, 1-20-08
Beware of Super Bowl scams, 1-27-08
Identity theft crooks getting smarter, 2-3-08
Physical security just as important as antivirus software, 2-10-08
Get some free computer education, 2-17-08
Judge says TV station hired hackers to steal her email, 2-24-08
Caller ID spoofing, good and bad, 3-2-08
Credit bureau sues the good guys, 3-9-08
Big banks, telcoms have lousy security, 3-16-08
New court privacy rules a good idea, 3-23-08
Time to update Microsoft Office -- again, 3-30-08
$3.7 billion lost to March Madness basketball? 4-6-08
Windows Vista Service Pack 1 infects, wrecks computers, 4-13-08
Scrapping your old computer, 4-20-08
Spam email 2008, 4-27-08
Windows Service Pack snares hapless guinea pigs, again, 5-11-08
Think twice before traveling abroad with computers, 5-18-08
RFID rebels arise, 5-25-08
High speed Internet goes country, 6-22-08
How to lose your important files, 6-29-08
Windows update kills the Internet, again, 7-13-08
Zealous Feds may nab you next, 7-27-08
Google Street View plunders our town, 8-10-08
Busted by Defcon's Wall of Sheep, 8-17-08
Be safer with secure email, 8-31-08
Dear Mr. President: change the locks, 9-7-08
Computers are useless, 9-14-08
Sarah Palin email hack another wakeup call, 9-21-08
Palin email hack saga continues, 9-28-08
Is your doctor breaking the law? 10-5-08
Antivirus is not enough, 10-12-08
Rise of the vote-fraud machines, 10-26-08
Computer: obey, 11-2-08
Computer manufacturers still cheating buyers, 11-9-08
China's Big Brother vs. the world, 11-16-08
Wireless dangers lie ahead, 11-23-08
Forget Black Friday; I'm shopping online, 12-7-08
Silly computer stuff for the holidays, 12-14-08
Antivirus programs lose the fight, 12-21-08
Stay in touch with Skype, 12-28-08

Get a computer education at the library, 1-11-09
Government snooping out of control, 1-18-09
Middle East cyberwar rages on, 1-25-09
Protect your new, shiny laptop computer, 2-1-09
Look out for thumb infections, 2-8-09
Microsoft blows it: Autorun is still running, 2-15-09
The little virus that just wouldn't quit, 2-22-09
Stupid users pick lame passwords, 3-1-09
An Adobe patch a day keeps the bad guys at bay, 3-8-09
Fix, don't trash, that old laptop, 3-15-09
Y2k and Conficker: lessons learned? 4-26-09
Why ruin a good computer? 5-10-09
Online TV comes of age, 5-17-09
Batten down the hatches with encryption, Part One, 5-24-09
Batten down the hatches with encryption, Part Two, 5-31-09
Feds ignore their own advice, pay the price, 6-7-09
Who do you trust? 6-14-09
Will you swallow the phisher's bait? 6-21-09
Respect the power, 7-5-09
Understanding the Internet bad guys, 7-12-09
I got hacked! Well, almost..., 7-26-09
Netbooks are cool, 8-9-09
Clueless lawmakers attack the Internet, 8-23-09
Retiring Old Faithful, 8-30-09
Just when I think that I've seen it all, 9-6-09
Stop being bullied by your computer, 9-20-09
"Scareware" threat grows, 9-27-09
Why is online banking so lame? 10-4-09
The new Windows 7: should you care? 10-25-09
Internet dating revisited, Part One, 11-1-09
Internet dating revisited, Part Two, 11-8-09
Be sure to back up your cell phone, 11-15-09
Beware the big upsell, 12-6-09
Here comes Santa spam, 12-20-09
Computer New Year's resolutions, 12-27-09

Bankers say, "Beware online banking," 1-10-10
Safe places for kids on the Internet, 1-24-10
Where's all of my stuff? 1-31-10
Why Viruses? 2-21-10
A scareware epidemic, 3-7-10
Why Firefox? 3-14-10
Big Brother goes to school, 3-28-10
Smart meters looking pretty stupid, 4-4-10
How fast is my computer? 4-11-10
Free file storage in "the cloud," 5-2-10
Is Facebook safe? 5-9-10
Power surge = dead computer, 5-16-10
Be your own online detective, 5-23-10
Your computer died, but, why? 5-30-10
Why is tech support so bad? 6-20-10
Is Google hacking your wireless network? 6-27-10
Antivirus programs fail the test, 7-18-10
What is digital, anyway? 7-25-10
Be your own movie producer, 8-1-10
Who pays for computer stupidity? 8-15-10
How to move your computer, 8-22-10
You are sending me spam email, 9-5-10
Separating Internet fact from fiction, 9-12-10
Tweak Windows for best performance, 9-19-10
More Windows performance tweaks, 9-26-10
PC, 10-3-10
Social buying websites can be cool if you’re careful, 10-17-10
e-Voting is a bad idea, 10-24-10
Internet TV: are we there, yet? 11-7-10
Computers should be fun, part 1: history, 11-14-10
Oh no, you’ve been hacked! Now what? Part 1, 11-21-10
Oh no, you’ve been hacked! Now what? Part 2, 12-5-10
Oh no, you’ve been hacked! Now what? Part 3, 12-12-10

Delete your files or give them away, 1-16-11
A website is attacking me! What do I do? 1-23-11
Cell phones, the new hacking frontier, 1-30-11
Can Oklahoma’s cyberkids compete?, 2-6-11
Updated computer = safe computer, 2-13-11
Careful where you click, 3-6-11
Sometimes, dishonesty is the best policy, 3-27-11
Biggest hack of all time? We'll see, 4-10-11
Time to Ask the Geeks, face to face, 4-17-11
What's your computer disaster plan? 5-8-11
Where's my email? 5-29-11
Fight the Internet bad guys and win, 6-19-11
Your password is "Bob?" Really? 7-31-11
Too many passwords? Think again, 8-7-11
Internet truth, Internet hoax, 8-14-11
Sharing large files is easy with the right tools, 8-21-11
Computers are not an investment, they’re an expense, 10-2-11
To Wi-Fi, or not to Wi-Fi, Part 1, 10-9-11
To Wi-Fi, or not to Wi-Fi, Part 2, 10-16-11
To Wi-Fi, or not to Wi-Fi, Part 3, 10-23-11
To Wi-Fi, or not to Wi-Fi, Part 4, 11-6-11
Smartphones and iPads: new hacking frontiers, 12-11-11
Can you live without your computer? 12-18-11

Ccleaner: free, easy computer cleanup, Part 1, 1-8-12
Ccleaner: free, easy computer cleanup, Part 2, 1-15-12
What's the best Internet security software for 2012? 1-22-12
Computer updates: first step to security, 2-5-12
Antivirus is not enough, 2-12-12
Don’t use weak passcodes, 2-19-12
Give fake answers to security questions, 2-26-12
Passcode-protect your computer, 3-4-12
Passcode-protect your computer, Part 2, 3-11-12
Use the safest Internet "browser," 3-18-12
Oh, for a World Wide Web of Trust, 3-25-12
Former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates repents, offers to make amends, 4-1-12
Secure your online transactions with encryption, 4-8-12
The computer emergency response TV kit, and more, 4-22-12
When in doubt, DuckDuckGo and Tor! 5-6-12
The myth of the "safer" Apple Mac, 5-13-12
Internet crime is big, big business, 5-20-12
Make sure Windows Vista Service Packs are updated, 5-27-12
Will your Internet die on July 9? 6-3-12
Crummy passwords = hacked email accounts, 6-24-12
Who pays when your bank account is hacked? 7-15-12
Backing up everything, everywhere, not as easy as it should be, 7-22-12
Watch the Olympics on your computer, sort of, 7-29-12
Strange, but true computer repairs, 8-5-12
Man sues Yahoo for lousy password security, 8-12-12
When good printers go bad, 8-19-12
There's nothing wrong with your computer, 8-26-12
How fast is your high-speed Internet? 9-2-12
How to tell if you've been hacked, 9-16-12
Spear phishing emails work all too well, 9-30-12
Rent to own, or rent to be owned, 10-14-12
The new Windows 8; do we care? 11-4-12
FTC exposes tech support phone call scams, 11-11-12
Learn how to drive your ever-changing computer, 11-18-12
Which tablet computer should Santa bring? 12-2-12
Enjoy safe holiday shopping on the Internet, 12-9-12
Tech accessories make great gifts, 12-16-12

Test your identity security, 1-13-13
Stop! Don't download that stupid app! 1-27-13
What's the deal with "the cloud?" 2-10-13
China hacks America; Apple users need to upgrade, 2-24-13
Time to draw your line in the Internet sand, 3-10-13
Building your computer security onion, 3-17-13
Downloading, installing files: must-have computer skills, 3-24-13
Be your own cloud file storage service, 4-7-13
Basic Antivirus rules, 4-21-13
You need another computer, 4-28-13
"Careful where you click" still the best advice, 5-12-13
When the hard drives hit the fan, 6-2-13
How do you email? 6-30-13
When good computers go bad, 7-14-13
Are you spamming your friends? 7-21-13
Detecting email scams, 7-28-13
When websites attack, 8-4-13
Turn your computer off every day, 8-18-13
Update or get hacked; it's your choice, 9-1-13
Beware of fake Flash Player updates, 9-15-13
If the whole world could access your computer life, would that be bad? 10-6-13
Where does your email go, and who reads it? 10-13-13
Protecting your messages from Internet crooks, 10-20-13
Locking down your online messages, Part 1, 11-3-13
Locking down your online messages, Part 2, 11-10-13
Watch out for the big upsell, 11-17-13
End of the road in sight for Microsoft Windows XP, 11-24-13
Microsoft Office 2003 also to be terminated next spring, 12-1-13
Computer Science Education Week and The Hour of Code, 12-8-13
If your computer dies, will all your files vanish forever?, 12-15-13
Holiday season fraud alert!, 12-22-13
The great Target hack of 2013: should you care? 12-29-13

Stop bashing your hard drive! 1-19-14
What is a "hacker," anyway? 1-26-14
What do hackers do, anyway? 2-2-14
How hackable is your wireless router? 2-9-14
Enhanced mitigation: antivirus is not enough, 2-23-14
South Korea takes credit card theft seriously; U.S.A. does not, 3-2-14
Last gasp for Microsoft Windows XP, 3-23-14
World Backup Day: don't be an April Fool, 3-30-14
Be your own online detective, revised, 4-6-14
Spring cleaning: time to change your passwords, again, 4-13-14
No fix for new XP bug; AOL gets hacked, 5-4-14
Do we take Internet crime seriously? 5-11-14
How I murdered my hard drive, 5-25-14
The Internet good guys win one, for a change, 6-8-14
Hackers, crackers and Feds, oh my! 6-29-14
Tunneling your way through the Internet, 8-3-14
Computers should be fun. Part 1: History, 8-17-14
Computers should be fun. Part 2: Games, 8-24-14
Computers should be fun. Part 3: Music, 8-31-14
Computers should be fun, part 4: digital photos and videos, 9-7-14
Hackers attack the White House; is your house next? 11-2-14
Stop using your infected computer, 12-7-14


Holding computers hostage: pay up, or else, 1-25-15
What is a computer “drive,” anyway? 2-22-15
Crooks steal $1B from online banks; do we care? 3-1-15
Internet Security Basics, Part Four, Updated, 4-5-15
Internet Security Basics, Part Six, Updated, 4-19-15
Internet Security Basics, Part Seven, Updated, 4-26-15
The computer emergency TV kit, and more, 5-10-15
Here comes Windows 10; do we care? 6-28-15
Beware of useless, ridiculous and unnecessary software, 7-19-15
New Windows 10 updates crash computers worldwide, 8-2-15
Crooks rob consumers using Yahoo website, again and again, 8-9-15
Memorable computer quotes, 8-23-15
Employees still small business’ first line of defense, 9-6-15
Test your online safety knowledge, 9-13-15
Ccleaner: free, easy computer cleanup, Part 1, Updated, 9-27-15
Ccleaner: free, easy computer cleanup, Part 2, Updated, 10-4-15
Experian credit bureau hacked; T-mobile users victims, 10-11-15
Happy Cyber Security Awareness Month, 10-25-15
Who are you really connecting to on the Internet? 11-1-15
Crooks give spam email a holiday-season makeover, 11-8-15
Microsoft did not call you, 12-6-15
Windows 10: are we ready, yet? 12-20-15

The Internet: happy playground or World War III? 1-10-16
Being safe with tablet computers and smart phones, 1-17-16
Beware, search results not always as they seem, Part One, 1-31-16
Beware, search results not always as they seem, Part Two, 2-7-16
Beware, search results not always as they seem, Part Three, 2-14-16
Dave’s Three Immutable Laws of Hacking, 2-28-16
Foundational cyber hygiene: computer bathtime, 3-13-16
Computer bathtime, part 2: critical security controls, 3-20-16
Computer bathtime, part 3: hardware and software security, 4-3-16
Windows 10: you’re not ready, 4-10-16
Smart homes looking pretty stupid after being easily hacked, 5-8-16
Antivirus is not enough; you need more, 6-19-16
Last chance to get Windows 10 for free, 7-10-16
Have a happy Windows 10 installation, 7-17-16
FBI ramps up cybercrime efforts, 7-31-16
Catch him if you can, 8-21-16
Small businesses put out of business by Internet crooks, 9-11-16
Protecting small business computer systems, 9-18-16


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