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I write a weekly column titled ‘COMPUTER SENSE’ that appears in the Business section of the Sunday Norman Transcript newspaper. I hope you find it to be helpful, informative and entertaining. Please email your opinions about the column to Norman Transcript editor Caleb Slinkard at editor@normantranscript.com, or Norman Transcript publisher Mark Millsap at publisher@normantranscript.com. They need your ideas and feedback. Be sure to include your name and location in your email.

Time to change your passwords, again

Are you in the habit of regularly changing the passwords for your online accounts? You should be; changing passwords regularly is a required part of every wise Internet user's safety routine. The reason for changing online account passwords is simple: the Internet bad...

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Caller ID may be lying to you

Have you ever received a phone call from a telemarketer who became rude and abusive when you refused to listen to their sales pitch? Who hasn't? Have you ever tried to report them to their superiors by calling the number that appeared on your Caller ID, only to...

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Avoiding the real fake news stories

10 things should know about Kim Kardashian! Insane card offers 0% APR! 26 hot moms you can't unsee! The best bacon in America! In the class I teach about Internet safety called "Fight the Internet bad guys and win," I recently felt the need to add a section about fake...

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Bad guys steal NSA hacker tools, attack the world

Like a chapter from some cheesy spy novel, the story behind the global "WannaCry" ransomware attacks that began in Europe May 12 is so incredulous that many people will refuse to believe it. Yet, an obstinate refusal to acknowledge the dangers of the Internet is why...

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Beware of fake Flash Player, Firefox updates

Not long ago, I was surfing the website of a popular local publication, reading stories and other items that interested me, when a new page suddenly appeared with an official-looking notice that said, "Attention! It is recommended that you download Flash Player to...

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Bad weather emergency communications and power, 2017

Every springtime, I reassess the electronics communications gear that is available to help Oklahomans prevail in difficult, severe weather situations. Electronics manufacturers change, replace and discontinue things all the time, and so, every year I take a fresh look...

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How an Internet cloud crashed

While discussing things of the Internet, somebody once asked me, "Do I need a cloud?" This question showed me once again how misunderstood the entire "cloud" concept is as regards the Internet, misunderstood even by so-called experts who really should know better....

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Online safety, Step One: antivirus

Few computer users remain who don't know their computer should have some sort of antivirus protection. Whether it's a Windows PC or a once-thought-to-be-immune Apple Mac, good antivirus protection is a must-have. Like most things related to computer safety and...

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Fake phone calls, fake popups, fake search results

Many times per week, sometimes many times a day, I get phone calls from concerned folks telling me the same story. The story starts with, "I got a call from Microsoft…" But, sometimes, the story begins with, "A message from Microsoft popped up on my screen…" A similar...

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