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What are computer viruses, and where do they come from? Is online banking safe? What makes a good password, and why should you care? How do you tell a safe website from one that’s dangerous? Why do you have to keep “updating” things? How do you keep your email account from being hacked?

Wow, have I got a deal for you: come to the Norman Public Library’s Downtown location, Wednesday, November 8th, and take my free, one-night-only class called “Fight the Internet Bad Guys & Win!” and I will show you how to stay safe on the Internet.

Everyone of all ages who uses a desktop computer or laptop, Apple Mac or Windows PC, iPhone or iPad, Android phone or tablet, needs to be there. Class begins promptly at 7pm. Come early, seating is limited. Call (405) 701-2600 or visit pioneer.libnet.info/event/275796 to register.

If you’ve taken the class before, come take it again; things have changed. If you think you know all you need to know about staying safe on the Internet, you desperately need to be there. Thank you, Norman Public Library and Republic Bank & Trust for sponsoring the class.

Come prepared to have your Internet questions answered, such as: who are those people who keep calling you, saying they have detected your computer is in trouble, and they need to fix it? Are they really from Microsoft? Should you give them remote control of your computer? Should you give them a credit card or bank account number to pay for their wonderful, ongoing services?

Who are the Internet bad guys, anyway? Where do they come from, and why should you care? How do they suceed? Why can’t law enforcement agencies stop them? What should you do when you hear about millions of Internet accounts being “hacked?” What does that mean? What is a “hacker?”

Have you ever wondered why sometimes you click on something, yet nothing seems to happen? Or, maybe something does seem to happen, but it flashes by so quickly that you can’t tell what’s going on? Could someone be trying to fool you?

Why does your screen keep showing crazy messages saying your computer is infected , even though you just paid to renew your antivirus software? Why do windows from porno websites keep popping up, even though you’ve never been to a porno website in your life? Who did these things and how can they be stopped?

With identity fraud becoming a global problem and computer viruses spiraling out of control, people need to be vigilant in protecting their private information and Internet experience. Internet criminals are out there, waiting to steal your stuff, or use your computer to steal other people’s stuff.

In my class, I teach people how to practice computer and Internet safety, protecting themselves and those around them. Come learn play with the fire that is the Internet and not get burned.